About Wix Gift Cards

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  • Gift cards are currently available for Wix Stores, Wix Bookings and Wix Restaurants Orders (New).
  • It's not currently possible to purchase pricing plans in Wix Bookings with Wix gift cards. 
Boost your business by offering digital gift cards on your site. Customers purchase the cards on your Gift Card page. Then, they can redeem them when they make a purchase online.
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How gift cards work

When you set up gift cards, a gift card page is added to your site. There, customers can select a gift card amount, enter the recipient's details, set when they want the card delivered.  
Screenshot of the gift card page on a website
The gift card recipient then receives an email with the subject line "You got a gift card from Michael Jones!" (with the relevant name). Their unique gift card code appears in the email.
When the recipient wants to pay online,  they click Redeem a gift card and enter their unique gift card code. Additionally, they can redeem a gift card at a Retail point of sale or Wix Mobile point of sale.
If the price of the sale is worth more than the value of the card, customers can pay for the remaining cost using any of your other payment methods.

Getting started

To get started, go to Gift Card in your site's dashboard. Get complete instructions on how to set up gift cards on your site.

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