Wix Retail POS: About Wix POS for Brick and Mortar Stores

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  • This article is about Wix Retail POS tablet for brick & mortar stores. 
  • For info on using POS on a mobile device, click here.
Wix POS for brick and mortar stores is an all-in-one payment and inventory solution for your store. If you sell products online and also own a physical store, this product seamlessly connects the different parts of your business.
When you make a sale in your physical store, the information automatically syncs with your online Wix store. This means that for your online and physical shops you have: 
  • A single product catalog 
  • One inventory channel
  • A unified sales history
Don't yet have an online store at Wix? Are you currently using another POS system in your brick and mortar store? No matter what your starting point is, we can help you migrate to Wix and keep everything synced. Learn more about Wix online stores.

Wix POS hardware for brick & mortar stores

To get started with Wix POS, purchase any of the hardware devices; they have been designed to work with each other. Just connect the components and you're ready to make your first sale. The POS software is already installed and connects to your Wix store as soon as you log in to your Wix account.
To use Wix POS, you must purchase the tablet and card reader. Other devices are optional. 
These are the items that make up your POS solution:


The HP Engage One Prime Tablet is where you make sales, manage inventory and much more.

Card readers

Using a card reader you can accept chip, swipe, and tap payments from cards and mobile devices. Choose the type of reader you prefer: a Bluetooth reader or a network reader that connect via WiFi. Whichever you select, it connects to your POS tablet and has a battery that allows you to work away from the base for several hours without charging.  

Cash drawer

Store cash and provide change from the integrated cash drawer.


Use the HP barcode scanner to quickly add products to the cart. You can scan products while the scanner rests in its holder or remove it for handheld scanning. 


Choose which receipt printer you want to add. You can select the HP Engage One Prime Receipt Printer which connects via a USB-C connections. Alternatively, you can add one of the Epson m30 series. This series has printers that connect via Bluetooth, a network connection, or via USB-C port.


Getting Started

To get started with Wix Retail POS, you need to connect to Wix Payments and then order your hardware. When your order arrives, connect the tablet to the rest of the hardware you selected and make your first sale. 

To get started with Wix Retail POS:

  1. Create your Wix Payments account:
    To process payments, you need to get verified by Wix Payments for a POS account. Make sure your business type is supported. Set Up Wix Payments
  2. Purchase POS hardware:
    Once verified, go to our POS hardware shop.  Select and purchase the POS devices you need to run your business.
  3. Set up your Wix POS devices:
    After you receive the POS devices you purchased, just unbox and connect them. The hardware arrives with all the software you need pre-installed.
  4. Start selling:
    Once the hardware is connected, simply log into your Wix account to access your full Wix store catalog on your tablet.
  5. (Optional) Upgrade to unlock additional features: Click to upgrade to a Retail Pro plan which gives you access to advanced features. Learn more
Need help purchasing hardware?
Book a call to talk to a POS expert and we'll walk you through it.

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