About Wix Analytics Reports

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Gain insights about your site and make smart business decisions with Wix Analytics reports. Choose how to view your data, customize your reports to focus on data that interests you, and create new custom reports from scratch. 

Viewing your reports

Wix Analytics reports include a broad range of editable pre-built reports to display your data.
To view your data in a specific format, click an icon displayed next to a report:
  • Table table icon displays your data in rows and columns.
  • Bar Chart bar chart icon displays and compares your data.
  • Line Chart line chart icon shows how your data has changed over time.
  • Map map icon displays geographical data.
  • Pie Chart  displays your data in sections.
  • Heat Map heat map icon displays your data using intensity of color in grid format.

About the report categories

Your reports are divided into categories to help you find information about how your business is performing, and new reports are being added all the time. Depending on the Wix products you use, your reports will be split into categories, including:

Understanding partial reports

Wix provides you with tools to build GDPR compliant websites. If your sites has Wix's cookie banner enabled, Analytics does not report visitor data before visitors actively consent to analytics cookies to be placed on their device. In such cases, Traffic and Behavior reports will be partial.

Customizing your reports

Your can view your reports in different ways, and customize them to present the data according to your preferences. Learn more.

You can also create new reports from scratch or duplicate and edit an existing report to discover more about your business.
To create a new report or duplicate and edit a report, you must upgrade your Wix site to the Business VIP Premium plan.

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