Customizing Wix Analytics Reports

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You can customize your Wix Analytics Reports to gain meaningful insights about your business, so you can make data-driven decisions about what to do next.
In this article, learn how to:

Customize Your Reports

Change Your Report View

Your reports are available to view in table, bar chart, line chart, split chart, and map view, and you can switch views within reports. Not all views are available within each report, for example, map view is only available for reports with geographical data.

Compare Dates in Your Report

You can compare report data from different periods to visualize your data over time. You can use this feature in order to discover how your business has performed in different time periods. For example, when you access your Sales Over Time report, comparing the data will help you discover any sales trends.

Group by Dates

You can group data in your chart reports according to your preferred time units. You can group by days, weeks, or months.

Split Your Data

In chart reports you can break down your data by selecting options in the Split by dropdown. For example, in your Sales Over Time report, you can choose to view your sales by customer type, billing country, payment method, and more. This helps you to draw conclusions and make next step business decisions.

Add a Column to a Table Report

You can add columns to table reports to display more of your data.

Find more filters for your data

You can filter your reports using related metrics. For example, sales reports include filters such as customer name, billing region, order numbers, and more. Click More next to a report to see more available filters.

Reset a Report

You can reset your reports to remove all changes and return to the default report data.

Control Who Can See Your Reports

Who Can View Pre-built Reports

By default, pre-built reports can be seen by all site collaborators with viewing Analytics data permissions.

Collaborators that can view Analytics Reports:
  • Admin
  • Limited Admin 
  • Website Manager
  • Limited Website Manager
  • Back Office Manager

To learn more about providing and restricting access to your Analytics data, visit About Roles & Permissions (Collaborators).

Who Can View Reports You've Created

If you have created or duplicated reports they will appear in your Reports page, under Custom Reports.

Newly created reports can only be viewed by the person who created the report and the site owner. In order to change report permissions you must verify that your collaborators have permissions to view analytics data.

Delete a Report

You can delete reports you’ve created or duplicated in the Custom Reports list.
Pre-built Wix Analytics Reports cannot be deleted.

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