Wix Analytics: About Your Sales Reports

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Your sales reports by Wix Analytics help you to analyze all the payments that go through your site. All your sales data is translated into customizable reports to help you better understand what and how people are purchasing. You can view reports for sales by specific item, billing location, sales over time and more. 
You can use your sales reports to plan your business strategy, make educated predictions about sales trends, and to get a better understanding of how your visitors are making purchases on your site.
A screenshot of each of the Wix Analytics sales reports in the site dashboard

Types of sales reports

Wix Analytics creates sales reports for just about everything you want to know. See a breakdown of your revenue based on sales by coupon, order type, billing location, or shipping method. You can also view reports that track sales over a specific time period.
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Want to customize your report?
You can customize the data you're viewing and the way it's displayed. You can also save the views you want to return to later. Learn more about customizing your report.


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