Wix Analytics: Understanding the Sales Overview

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Your Sales Overview displays your site's sales and transaction information. View metrics such as top selling products and sales by traffic source to discover a deeper understanding of your customers spending trends. 
The sections shown vary based on your business type and installed Wix apps (e.g. Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Restaurants). Learn more about each section below.
Screenshot of sales overview page showing traffic source, top paying customers and other data points.
Traffic from any visitors who have not accepted the site's cookies (or are using certain types of ad blockers) will not appear in these reports. If you see discrepancies in your site (e.g. someone purchased an item from your store but you can't see the site session) this could be why.

Total sales

This chart allows you to see your total sales, orders and bookings over time. Compare data ranging from the previous week, month or year year to gain insights into seasonal trends, profitability and demand. 
screenshot of sales overview graph from last 30 days.

Sales by traffic source

Find out which sites, search engines, and social media sites drive the most sales to your site. Identify channels ripe with opportunity and tailor your marketing efforts to boost your business outreach.
screenshot of sales traffic by source break down.
Sales made without a site visit (e.g. offline sales, recurring orders) are not counted here.

Top stats

Use this overview to find out what products are selling best, what items are converting the most and what services are being booked most often. 
These metrics vary depending on your business app. For example, if you've installed Wix Events you will see 'Tickets sold' as a top stat.
screenshot of top telling items with blurred picture of service, total, change in % and gross sales.

Top paying customers

Explore which of your customers has paid or ordered the most from your site. Strengthen your understanding of your top paying customers and what keeps them visiting your site. 
screenshot of top paying customer by location and listing number of orders.

Sales by billing location

View where your customers are located, and how specific locations are performing. Harness this information to help you pinpoint regional trends, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts. 
screenshot of sales by billing location on world map.

Sales breakdown

This report shows the sales channels that flourish, to help you understand where to focus your efforts. See a sales breakdown by various metrics including channel, one-time vs recurring and online vs offline. 
screenshot of total sales by total and payment channel.

New vs. returning customers

Find out how much of your site traffic is from new and returning visitors. This graph can help you understand whether you need focus on attraction and conversion or nurturing relationships with loyal customers. 
screenshot of  ring chart showing new vs returning customers and the %.
Looking for more information?
  • Click the date picker drop-down at the top of the Sales Overview to change the time period that data is pulled from (the default is 30 days). Note that data from the current day is not yet included.
  • Click See full report in a section to see an in-depth report about each marketing activity.

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