Wix Blog: Adding and Setting Up Your Blog

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Add a blog to your site to showcase what you love. Be it food, travel, sports, art etc. you can create a stunning blog that suits your personal style and grow your online community around the world. 
Before you get started, check out our complete step-by-step guide to blogging.

Step 1 | Add Wix Blog to your site

Some templates come with Wix Blog already pre-installed. If you do not have Wix Blog in your list of pages, you can add it directly from your Editor. 
When you add Wix Blog, you are asked if you would like to install with or without a Member's Area. This gives members access to several features including the ability to login, create a public profile and comment on blog posts.
After you add Wix Blog to your site, make sure that you see two new pages in the Pages menu of your Editor: the Blog page and the Post page. If you don't see these two pages, delete Wix Blog and re-add it. 
You can also add Wix Blog from the App Market. Learn more

Step 2 | Set up your blog

Once you've added your blog you can focus on getting the settings just right. You can change your author info, and customize your email notifications from Blog Settings in your site's dashboard.

Step 3 | Change the display settings

Inside your Editor, you can customize your blog's display settings to include the features you want to show on your blog. Select the information that you want to show on your feed, choose whether or not to display a menu on your blog, and add social share icons and a Print Post icon to your posts.
You may see different display options depending on the layout you choose. For example, the Side by Side layout lets you display descriptions of posts on your blog, but the Magazine layout does not. 

Step 4 | Change the layout

From your Editor, you can play around and try different layouts to see which best suits your site's style. You can choose a different layout for the All Posts Feed - the main feed of your blog where all of your posts appear, and for the Category Feed - which displays the posts per category. 
We are using the Editorial layout in this article, other layouts may have different options than what is shown here. 

Step 5 | Customize the design

From your Editor, you can change the look and feel of all parts of your blog by customizing the colors and fonts, and button designs.

Step 6 | Create post categories

Once you've customized your blog feed and blog post pages, you can then create some categories to help structure and organize your blog, which is very useful once it grows bigger. 

Step 7 | Create your first blog post

After all the setting up, you are finally ready to start writing posts! You can do this from your site's dashboard, or from your live site.
Your blog comes with default content that is full of helpful tips and tricks. Be sure to delete these articles before you publish your blog.
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