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A good blog is much more than a collection of posts written by a blogger, it's a place with a sense of community, a place where readers can join your blog and become more than just casual readers, they can become members with their own profiles. 
As members, they can like, comment, and follow blog posts. They can also interact with other blog members, just like any community would. So in a way, your blog becomes a place of sharing with others — a place with a sense of community, and a place people will come back to over and over again. 

Benefits of Wix Blog

  • Set Up in Minutes: Easily add Wix Blog to your site and choose one of 6 stunning layouts. 
  • Manage your blog: Create new posts, add categories, manage comments and more from your Wix Editor, live site or mobile. 
  • Great Mobile Experience:  Post on the go and look stunning on mobile. Write and edit posts, delete comments and manage your blog - all from your mobile device. Learn more
  • Add Categories: Create categories on topics you’re passionate about. Every category appears in your blog menu, so users can easily explore the main topics of your blog. Learn more
  • Easy Search: Find anything by searching for a post, member, comment or hashtag.
  • Rich Text Editor: Style your text with quotes, bullets, bold, links and more. Easily size and align your text, images and videos to look exactly the way you want. 
  • Add Multiple Writers: Grow an active member community. Make any member of your blog a contributing writer who can add posts and manage comments. This is a great way to grow your blog into a publication. Learn more
  • Social Features: People can like and follow posts, leave comments with videos and images, share posts, follow one another and more! 
  • Profile Page: Members can customize their own profile page and check out each other’s latest posts, followers, comments.
  • Members Page: See all your blog members’ activity in one place. Search for members by name or sort them by number of posts, followers and more. Learn more
  • Hashtag Your Posts: Add hashtags throughout your posts to increase your social reach and help readers find content that matters to them. Learn more
  • Automatic Notifications: Members can get email and mobile notifications on people they follow, on comments, and more. It’s a great way to get people back to your blog.
  • Social Sign Up: Let readers easily sign up to become members of your blog via email, Facebook or Google. Learn more
  • Blog Analytics: Get the data you need to optimize your blog. Learn more
  • Monetize Your Blog: Give your readers access to exclusive content by setting up subscription options. Learn more
  • Translate Your Blog: Using both Wix Blog and Wix Multilingual, you can translate your blog content into other languages. Learn more

Getting started with your blog

It takes time to be creative. It takes time to respond. If you’re willing to make an effort building a blog about something worthwhile, the benefits are enormous. Think of interesting content that will get attention, and keeps people coming back. That’s the fun part.
Before you get started, check out our complete step-by-step guide to blogging and how to write irresistible headlines
Ready to go?
If you feel you're ready to dive in and get started with your blog, lets move on to adding and setting up

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