Wix Blog: Understanding Your Blog Pages

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When you add Wix Blog to your site, you automatically get 2 new pages on your site – a Post page and a Blog page. The Post page displays a single blog post and your Blog page is a feed of all your blog posts on one page. 
The Wix Blog app also offers the option to add a Members Area to your site. This is a section of your site dedicated to all your site visitors that signup and become members of your site. 
A screenshot showing the blog page and the post page in your pages dropdown.
In this article, learn more about:

The Blog page

The Blog page contains your main blog feed, which is all of your blog posts. By default, this page is called "Blog" but you can rename it. Learn how to rename a page

If you have created categories in your blog, then your readers can filter your posts by category.

All Posts feed

When a reader clicks All Posts, they can view every post in your blog.
A screenshot showing all posts in your blog page.

Category feed

If you have created categories, they are displayed at the top of your blog pages. When a reader clicks a category in your category menu, they can view all the posts that are part of that category. 
Once you have created categories for your blog, you can assign them to posts. You can also use tags and hashtags to assign posts to categories.
A screenshot showing some categories displayed at the top of a blog.

Customizing your Blog page

You can completely customize the Blog page, including the All Posts feed and the Category feed to look exactly how you want. For example, you can change the layout, choose what information is displayed, and design them using a huge range of customization options. 
Click Settings on the Blog element to get started. Learn more about customizing your Blog page
A screenshot showing the settings option in your editor.
The Category feed design is also used for the tags, hashtags and archive results pages.

The Post page

When a reader clicks a post on your Blog page, they are taken to the Post page. This is a dynamic page that displays your individual blog posts. This means that the content changes depending on the blog post your reader is viewing. 
A screenshot showing the blog post page on a site.

Customizing your Post page

The Post page is full of individual elements that you can customize. Each element has its own settings. We recommend to start from the top and work down. 
You only need to customize the Post page once, and your design is displayed for every blog post. Learn more about customizing your Post page

The Members page

When you add a Members Area to your site, you get a Members page. This page lets your site members see who else is part of your blog community, follow each other, comment on other members' posts, and see other members' activities (such as likes). 
A screenshot showing a members area with the option to follow other members.
Adding a Members Area also gives your site visitors access to other benefits if you have Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, or other Wix apps installed. Learn more about the Members Area.
If you want to have a Members Area on your site, but without this page, you can hide it


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