Wix Blog: Using the Members Area in Wix Blog

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Create a community to keep your readers engaged! The Members Area is the ideal place for blog members get to know each other and interact.  

Here members can choose to follow posts, subscribe to the blog and customize their notification preferences. They can also edit their personal profile pages. 
If you have the old members page, click here to learn how to switch to the new Members Area.

Member Profile Pages

With the Members Area installed on your site, site visitors can view each members profile page. In addition, they can see their public blog activities (posts they've written, comments they've made, etc.).

Public Member Pages

The following blog pages are public and can be viewed by any site visitor:
  • Profile
  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Blog Likes

Private Member Pages

Some pages are private, meaning that each member can view their own pages, but other members do not have access:
  • My Drafts
  • My Account
  • Notifications
  • Settings

Site's With Member-only Pages

When a site visitor logs in, they are logged in to all parts of your site. Some parts of your site have their own special member sections. For example, if you have Wix Stores on your site, customers can log in and access their "My Orders" page, where they can view store orders.
To learn more about the Wix Members Area and how it integrates with different parts of your site, click here

Adding the Members Area

You may have already added the Members Area to your site and if so you can use it with your blog, if not go ahead and add it now. 

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