Wix Restaurants: Manually Creating an Order

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Add orders made in person or over the phone to your orders list, so it always stays up to date. You can add existing menu items, or custom items that are specific to the order.  
A screenshot of the New Order tab on the Wix Dashboard

Step 1 | Add items to the order

You can add any of your existing menu items to a manual order. In addition, if you're creating a custom item for your customer, you can add it and set its price. 

To add existing items to an order:

  1. Go to Orders in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + Add New Order.
  3. Choose what you want to add:
Screenshot of add item

Step 2 | Add a customer to the order

Now you can add your customer's details to the order. If this is a return customer, you can simply select them from your customer list. Otherwise, you can add them as a new customer.

To add a customer to the order:

  1. Click the Add a customer to the order drop-down.
  2. Select an option:
    • Existing customer:
      1. Select a customer.
      2. (Optional) Click the Edit iconto view or edit the customer's details.
    • New customer:
      1. Click + Add new customer.
      2. Enter the customer's details. 
      3. (Optional) Click Add New Field to add more client info and fill out the new field.
        Note: If delivery is your fulfillment method, make sure to add a delivery address.
      4. Click Save.
A screenshot of the customer information panel in the wix dashbord

Step 3 | (Optional) Add a discount

Now you can optionally provide your customer with a discount. Note that it is not possible for customers to redeem a coupon on a manual sale, but you can replace this with a discount of the same value.

To add a discount:

  1. Click Add Discount under Discounts and delivery method.
  2. Enter the discount amount.
  3. (Optional) Enter a note about the discount (not visible to customers).
  4. Click Apply.

Step 4 | Select a delivery method

Before you create the order, you need to set how that order is going to get to your customer. Choose pickup methods available in your restaurant or create a custom delivery rate.

To select a delivery method:

  1. Click Add Delivery Method under Discounts and delivery method.
  2. Select an option: Pickup or Delivery.
  3. Add the date and time. 
  4. (For deliveries) Add a fee, if applicable. 
  5. Click Apply.
A screenshot of the delivery method selector in the wix dashboard

Step 5 | Create the order

Once you've double-checked all the details, it's time to click Create Order. The new order will instantly appear in the Orders tab in your site's dashboard and in the Accepted column, featuring a distinctive "Manual Order" badge for easy identification. 
A screenshot of the New Order tab on the Wix Dashboard
  • Orders that only contain custom items won't appear in the Status view. 
  • While orders with no delivery time appear in the Orders view, they are not available from the Status and Calendar views. 

Step 6 | Charge the customer

Finalizing payment arrangements is crucial, especially since creating a manual order doesn't automatically generate a payment request. Instead, you can choose from the following options:


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