Desktop POS Solutions: Setting Up the Dashboard Card Reader

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Using a card reader, you can collect payment using either of our Desktop POS Solutions:
First, connect to Wix Payments and purchase the BBPOS WisePOS E card reader. Then, follow the steps below to set the reader up and start collecting payment using your computer.

Step 1 | Connect to Wix Payments

Wix Dashboard Card Reader works with the Wix Payments payment provider. Start by connecting to Wix Payments.  

Step 2 | Get the card reader

Once your Wix Payments account is set up, you can order the card reader. This solution works with the BBPOS WisePOS E card reader which you can purchase anywhere these readers are sold or from the Wix POS shop.
Screenshot of the card reader

Step 3 | Unbox and charge your card reader

Now that you have the card reader, you can unbox your reader and charge it. 

To start setting up your reader:

  1. Unbox your card reader.
  2. Insert the battery.
  3. Press the power button to turn the reader on.
Screenshot of the placement of the on off button on the card reader
  1. If required, charge your reader.

Step 4 | Connect your reader to WiFi

Before you move onto the next step, you need to connect the card reader to WiFi. 
To use the reader with your dashboard, your computer and reader need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

To connect your reader to WiFi:

  1. Go back to Point of Sale Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. If you haven't already done so, click +Pair New Reader.
Screenshot of the POS Settings in the POS tab in the dashboard
  1. Select an option:
    • WiFi networks are displayed: Connect to the relevant network. 
    • WiFi networks not displayed:
      1. Swipe right on your card reader screen.
      2. Tap the Settings button.
      3. Enter 07139 as the PIN code.
      4. Select Network.
      5. Connect to the relevant network.
  2. Return to the popup and tap Next.
Screenshot of step 2 in the popup you use to pair your card reader

Step 5 | Generate and enter your code

After connecting to WiFi, a code should appear automatically. If it does not, you can go into the setting to generate a code. 
If you're planning on pairing more than one reader, give them names that will help tell them apart. 

To generate and enter your code:

  1. Go back to the popup on your computer. 
Screenshot of the popup you use to pair the card reader
  1. Select an option:
    • Code is displayed: Enter the three-word code in the pop-up, including the hyphens.
    • Code not displayed: Generate a code and enter it:
      1. Swipe right on your card reader screen.
      2. Tap the Settings button.
      3. Select Generate pairing code.
      4. Enter the three word code in the pop-up, including the hyphens.
  2. (Optional) Give your card reader a name.
    Note: If you plan on using more than one reader, this will help you manage them.
  3. Click Pair Reader
After a reader is paired, you'll see it listed in your POS settings.
Screenshot of the POS Settings page with the list of card readers outlined

Step 6 | Enable POS in Accepting Payments

Now you can go to Accept Payments and enable Wix Point of Sale to so you can start collecting payment.

To enable POS:

  1. Go to Accept Payments in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and click Accept or click the toggle next to Wix Point of Sale to enable it.
Screenshot of Accept Payments in the dashboard showing the Wix Point of Sale option, with the Accept button


If you are experiencing any issues setting up card reader, click a question below.

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