Desktop POS Solutions: Selling to Clients Using POS Checkout

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Use POS Checkout to sell store products or collect payment from clients using your computer dashboard. 
Screenshot of POS checkout page
After setup, you can accept payment through a card reader or by manually entering credit or debit card details. You can accept cash payment without any setup.
In this article, learn how to:

Setting up a card reader

Accepting payment using a card reader is currently available only for merchants in the US and Canada.
Before you can collect payment in person from clients using a card reader, you need to connect to Wix Payments and purchase the reader. 
Screenshot of the card reader

To set up payment using a card reader:

  1. Wix Dashboard Card Reader works with the Wix Payments payment provider. Start by connecting to Wix Payments.
  2. Acquire the BBPOS WisePOS E card reader.
    Tip: You can purchase the reader from the Wix POS shop or anywhere they are sold.
  3. Toggle on Wix Point of Sale in the dashboard:
    1. Go to Accept Payments in your site's dashboard.
    2. Click Accept or click the toggle next to Tap to Pay to enable it.

Setting up manual card entry

Before you can accept payment by manually entering your clients' credit or debit card details, you need to connect to a payment provider that supports this option. Learn more about accepting payment using manual card entry.

Selling using POS checkout

After setup, (or without any setup for cash payments), you can start selling your store products or accepting payments of custom amounts from clients. 

To sell at an POS checkout:

  1. Go to POS Checkout in your site's dashboard.
  2. Add items to the cart:
    • Add store items: Click product(s) to add them to the cart.
    • Add a custom charge:
      1. Click the Custom charge tab. 
      2. Enter the amount you want to charge your client.
      3. Enter a short description of what the charge is for.
Screenshot of the in-person checkout with the custom charge tab outlined
  1. Click Add to Cart.
  2. (Optional) Assign a customer to the sale:
    Note: You need to add a customer if you want to create an invoice for the order.
    1. Click Select Customer.
    2. Select an option:
      • Select a saved customer: Search for the client and select them. 
      • Create a new customer
        1. Click +Add Contact.
        2. Enter the client's details.
        3. Click Save.
  3. (Optional) Provide a discount:
    1. Click Actions.
    2. Select Add discount.
    3. Select an option:
      • Percentage discount: Enter the percentage and click the Percent icon.
      • Amount discount (e.g. $20 off): Enter the discount amount and click the Amount icon.
    4. Click Add Discount.
  4. Click Charge.
  5. Select how you want to receive payment.

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