Accepting Payments by Manual Card Entry

2 min read
Accept payments on your Wix site from orders made over the phone, via email or by written request. Manual Card Entry payments allow you to enter your customer's card details with their permission.
Manual Card Entry - a.k.a. 'customer not present' or 'MOTO' - payments are common in the service and retail industries, such as restaurants, hotels, gyms, online retailers, and others. They allow customers to make payments in a way that would not otherwise be possible; for instance, calling a restaurant to purchase a birthday surprise for a friend you know will be there that evening. 
To accept Manual Card Entry payments on your Wix site, you'll need to have a payment provider connected that allows Manual Card Entry payments. Currently, these are:
  • Your site must have a business Premium plan in order to accept online payments.
  • Manual Card Entry payments are currently available with Wix Stores, Wix Events, Pricing Plans and POS.
  • Entering credit card details manually is the least secure way of accepting card payments. We recommend accepting manual card payment only from buyers you trust. Learn more about best practices for accepting card payments.
  • Manual Card Entry transactions are considered as insecure. There is no liability shift and you may be fully liable for fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Customers' card details are considered to be PII and are, therefore, subject to privacy laws such as the GDPR and the CCPA. We recommend you delete the card information following the manual entry payment.