Connecting Isracard (Powered by PayMe) as a Payment Provider

Accept payments in multiple currencies from your customers using Isracard (Powered by PayMe) as a payment provider. Isracard supports online payments, as well as manual card entry
Using Isracard, you can also offer customers the option to pay in installments. The amount of installments can be anywhere between 2 to 36. Please contact Isracard for more details. 
General Info

Supported countries
Accepted currencies
NIS, USD, EUR, GBP. If the currencies do not match, the transactions may be declined. Learn how to change your currency.
Transaction fees
From 1.9% per transaction
Isracard account limit
50,000 NIS. To reset your account limit, you'll need to contact Isracard.
Supports recurring payments (e.g. Wix Bookings)
You are automatically connected to Isracard when selecting Credit/Debit cards if it is available in your region. In order to receive payments, all you need to do is complete your Isracard account setup.

To connect Isracard (Powered by PayMe) as a payment provider:

  1. Go to Accept Payments on your site's dashboard.
    Tip: Check your business location at the top right. If incorrect, click the drop-down menu to change it.
  2. Click Connect beside Isracard.
  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. For new accounts:
    1. Fill in the online registration form on the Isracard site.
    2. Upload the requested documents.
    3. Enter your credit card details for receiving payouts.

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