Troubleshooting Issues for Accepting Payments

If your customers are experiencing payment failures, you may be able to fix the issue by addressing the most common reasons, which are listed within this article. 

Depending on whether your customer cannot place the order, or complete their payment, there are a number of possible solutions available. 
In this article, learn about:

Troubleshooting issues while placing an order

If your customer cannot place their order, they encounter an error message telling them "We can't accept online orders right now."
Failed order message,
An order can fail due to a variety of reasons. 

Make sure you have done the following to accept payments on your site:

Troubleshooting issues with declined payments

A transaction may be declined for several reasons. Below, you can see the most common reasons for decline, as well as a description and possible actions to help your customers complete their purchase.

Identifying a declined payment

Follow the steps to identify the reason for a declined payment:
  1. Go to your Payments tab. 
  2. Click on a declined payment to see more details.
  3. Scroll down to see the Decline Reason.
Declined payment. A message shows the bank declined the payment,

Resolving declined payment issues

If a payment has been declined, there are a number of possible remedies to help enable a successful payment next time around. The issue may be with your provider account, the bank, or your customer's payment method. 
Wix provides you with a reason for a failed payment for every declined transaction. Consult the table below for the possible decline reasons, as well as the action we suggest you take. 
Decline Reason
Provider declined the payment because your account is blocked or restricted.
Contact your payment provider for more information on your account status. 
This payment was declined by your customer's bank because it did not pass 3-D Secure authentication.
Ask your customer to contact their bank and try again, or to use another payment method.
This payment was declined by your customer's bank.
Ask your customer to contact their bank and try again, or to use another payment method.
Provider declined this payment.
Ask the customer to try again, or to use another payment method.
Payment was declined by payment service provider because the currency used is not supported.
Contact your payment provider to ask if the currency you are using is supported. If not, you can do one of the following:

Still need help?

If the problem persists after trying the troubleshooting steps above, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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