Wix Retail POS: Connecting Your POS Hardware

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  • This article is about Wix Retail POS tablet for brick & mortar stores. 
  • For info on using POS on a mobile device, click here.
Welcome to Your Wix Retail Point of Sale. The article shows you how to connect your tablet, card reader, and other devices so you can start making sales. 

Step 1 | Connect the Wix POS tablet to the accessories

Start by unboxing the POS tablet and connecting the tablet to the accessories that you purchased. When that's done, you can plug the tablet in.

To connect the Wix POS tablet and accessories:

  1. Unbox the Wix POS tablet.
  2. Carefully place the tablet with the screen facing down so you can access the ports.
    Tip: The tablet base can swivel.
  3. Plug the power adapter into the tablet’s USB Type C port.
    Note: Don't connect it to the power outlet yet. 
  1. Connect the barcode scanner via the USB-A port.
  1. Connect the printer via the USB-C port.
  1. Connect the cash drawer to the printer using a RJ-12 connector.
  1. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet.

Step 2 | Switch on the card reader

Now you can set up your card reader. Note that Canadian and US merchants have different card reader models.
US card readers:
You can:
  • Purchase a separate cradle
  • Charge in or out of the cradle
  • Remove the card reader and use it wirelessly

To switch on the card reader:

  1. Unbox the Wix card reader.
  2. Plug the reader into a wall outlet.
    Note: The card reader connects wirelessly to the printer via Bluetooth.
  3. Press the power button: 
    • US merchants: Press the power button on the right side of the card reader.
    • Canadian merchants: Press the power button on the top right of the keypad.
The card reader will disconnect automatically if the battery goes below a 25% charge.

Step 3 | Log in to your Wix account

Now it's time to get the tablet up and running and log in to your Wix account. Once you do, you'll have access to all your store products.

To log in to your Wix account:

  1. Press the power button in the bottom right.
    Tip: Wait until the Wix logo screen appears (about 5 seconds).
  2. Connect the tablet to your WiFi.
  3. Log in to your Wix account.
  4. Check for updates:
    1. Open the POS tablet.
    2. Tap the Menu icon  at the bottom left. 
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Scroll down and tap App & Tablet.
    5. Check for available updates.
    6. Click Install Update.

Step 4 | Sync your devices

Before you can start accepting credit card payments, you need to sync the tablet with your card reader.
Your other POS accessories sync automatically once they are plugged in.

To sync your card reader:

  1. Open the POS tablet.
  2. Tap the Menu icon  at the bottom left. 
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap Manage Hardware.
  5. Tap Set up Card Reader.
  6. Press and release the power button on the card reader.
    Note: The tablet should now recognize the reader and display it. 
  7. Tap Connect.
  8. Tap Done

Step 5 | Test your POS set up

Before you start selling to customers, you can test each of the components to familiarize yourself with the system.

To test your POS set up:

  • Test your scanner: Scan a product to add that product to cart.
    Note: For this to work, the product must be in your product catalog and its SKU must match the barcode. 
  • Test your card reader: Add a product to the cart and check out with a credit card.
    Tip: You can add a discount so that you aren't charged the whole amount.
  • Test your cash drawer: 
    • Providing change: Make a cash sale and enter an amount receive that requires the return of change.
    • Manually opening the cash drawer: Tap Checkout from the bottom bar of the tablet, tap Actions, and select Open Drawer w/o Sale.
  • Test your printer: When making a test purchase, after payment, select the Print Receipt option.
    Tip: You can customize your receipts so they display your business name, logo, and more.

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