Wix Retail POS: Setting Up the Receipt Printer

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  • This article is about Wix Retail POS tablet for brick & mortar businesses. 
  • For info on using POS on a mobile device, click here.
Print customer receipts using a receipt printer. You can choose from the HP receipt printer or one of the Epson m30 series printers. 
In this article, learn how to:

Setting up an HP terminal receipt printer

To set it up this printer, you just need to insert the paper and plug it in. 
An HP terminal receipt printer

To set up an HP receipt printer:

  1. Insert the paper roll:
    1. Make sure to unplug the printer to turn it off. 
    2. Turn the top of the printer counterclockwise. 
    3. Open the compartment cover.
      An HP terminal receipt printer
    4. Place the paper roll in the compartment.
      Important: Make sure the thermal side is exposed.  
    5. Pull the paper enough so that a bit of paper out sticks out when you close the compartment.
      Important: Make sure the paper is tightly rolled.
    6. Press the compartment cover to close it until it clicks into place. 
    7. Turn the top of the printer clockwise.
  2. Using the cables supplied with the printer, connect the printer to the tablet and the cash drawer.  
    Sketch of how the different parts of the Wix Retail POS system connect to each other
  3. Verify that the printer is connected: 
    1. Open the POS tablet.
    2. Tap the Menu icon  at the bottom left. 
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Scroll down and tap Manage Hardware.
    5. Check the status next to Receipt Printer. If the printer is connected properly, the status should read Connected.
      Tip: The light on the printer should be green. 
    6. Press the paper feed button to prepare for printing. 
  4. Connect the printer to the tablet and cash drawer (if you have one) and check in the hardware settings to see that it's connected properly.  

Setting up an Epson m30 Series Printer

After acquiring one of the Epson m30 series printers, you can connect it and start printing receipts at your point of sale. 
Epson Omnilink TM-m30III printer
Before you begin:
There are Epson m30 printers that connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, or USB. Additionally, some offer more than one connection option. Check your Epson user guide to see which options are available and decide how you want to connect. 

To connect an Epson m30 series printer

  1. In the POS tablet, tap Connect next to the Epson m30 series printer.
Screenshot of connect button for Epson m30 series printer in Wix POS tablet
  1. Connect your printer to the point of sale using one of the following options:


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