Wix Partners: About the Partner Dashboard

As a freelancer or agency, the Partner Dashboard is your go-to place for all Wix resources. In the Partner Dashboard you can access the Partner Program, Partner resources, your Wix Marketplace Dashboard and more.
You can disable the Partner Dashboard if you'd rather not have access to Partner-related features. 

To access the Partner Dashboard:

  1. Join the Wix Partner Program or purchase at least 4 Premium Plans in your Wix account. 
  2. Log in to your Wix account and click Partner Dashboard at the top. 

Access the following tabs from your Partner Dashboard:

  • Partner Home: From your Partner Home, you can join the Wix Partner Program then get a quick view of your Marketplace stats, site feedback, and more.
  • Partner Program: Click to access the following Partner Program resources: 
    • Earn Points: View the ways you can earn points and unlock new benefits. 
    • Benefits: View all the benefits you earn as you reach new levels in the Partner Program. 
    • Revenue Share: View all the revenue share you've earned as a Partner.  
    • Points History: View details about all the points you've earned as a Partner. Learn more
  • Wix Marketplace: (Wix Marketplace members only) Access your Wix Marketplace Dashboard: 
  • Contacts: Manage your list of contacts in your Partner account. 
  • Inbox: View and reply to all your emails and chat messages in your Wix Inbox.
  • CRM Tools: Access the following customer relationship management tabs:
  • Client Billing: Manage payments you collect from Client Billing using the following tabs:
  • Updates: View up-to-date feeds displaying the latest Wix news, videos, webinars, Velo Forum posts, and more. 
  • Product Betas: Enroll to experience and influence features before they're live. Learn more
  • Partner Resources: Access professional resources related to Editor X, optimizing your agency, the Partner community, and more. 
  • Settings: Set up Team Management, Custom Branding, and more:
    • Team Management: Invite people to join your team account, edit their roles and more. 
    • Custom Branding: Add your own company's branding to your Wix account. Learn more
    • Partner Settings: Update your contact info, business details and more. 
    • Accept Payments: Choose how your customer can pay and connect Wix Payments
    • Inbox Settings: Manage Chat & Inbox settings, set up integrations, and more. Learn more
    • Invoice & Quote Settings: Manage your preferences for Invoices, Price Quotes and Automations. 
    • Business Info: Update your profile, location, contact info and more. 

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