Workflows: Getting Started

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A workflow is a board that displays all of the steps (columns) of a project so you can easily keep track of every phase. Using Workflows, you can manage and prioritize your projects, marketing campaigns, sales funnel or any other process you need to monitor. 
Ready to get started?
Go to Workflows in your site's dashboard to get started. You can also use the search bar at the top of your site's dashboard to search for "workflows".

Creating new workflows

When creating a new workflow, you can either define your own custom steps or use one of our ready-made templates. Click + New at the top right, then New Workflow to see the template list. If you can't find a template that works for you, simply click Start from Scratch

Adding steps (columns) to your workflow

The columns of your workflow represent steps in a project, process or flow. Each column contains cards that are associated to the contacts you're working with. This way, you get a visual understanding of where you stand and what needs to be done. You can always create more columns and move cards between the columns. Learn More

Using cards in your workflow

Each card in your workflow is assigned to one of your site's contacts. Once you've made progress with one of your contacts, move them to the next step by dragging and dropping their card to the relevant column. Learn More

Automating your workflow

Automations can help you streamline your workflow in two ways:
  • Moving cards as a trigger: Set an automated response (e.g. send an email, create a task, etc.) for every time you move cards to specific columns in your workflow.
  • Moving cards as a response: Set an automation that moves cards to certain steps of your workflow in response to an action. 
For example, move a card to the Contacted column right after messaging the relevant person. Learn More

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