Wix Invoices: About Wix Invoices

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This article refers to the Wix Invoices feature. If you're looking for invoices for Wix services (e.g., Premium Plan subscriptions, domain subscriptions), you can find this information on your Billing History page.

Wix Invoices is a payment request system which allows business owners to create, send, track and manage invoices (requests for payment), as well as receive payments online.

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Please note that Wix Invoices is an online payment request system and not an accounting service. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the invoices you issue conform to the legal requirements applicable to you and your customers. 
Don't have a Wix account?
Create invoices quickly and easily with the Wix Invoice Generator. Using this tool is completely free of charge and doesn't require any registration. 
Want to learn more?
Check out courses in Wix Learn to learn more about creating price quotes and invoices and using these in your online store.

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