Wix Partners: Levels in the Partner Program

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In the Wix Partner Program, you advance to new levels as you earn points for building Premium sites and completing certifications. For each level you achieve, you unlock new benefits.
You can achieve 4 levels in the Wix Partner Program:
To check your current level and points:
Click View Points in the Partner level section of the Partner dashboard homepage to get a breakdown of your earned points in the Premium Sites and Certifications tabs.

Wix Pioneer

Your level is Pioneer if you've joined the Partner Program, but haven't yet earned 1000 points. 
A screenshot of the Pioneer level in the Partner Level section of the dashboard.
As a Pioneer you receive the following benefits:
  • Partner Dashboard: Stay up-to-date on Wix releases and products with your Partner Dashboard
  • Team Management: Collaborate with your teammates better by assigning them custom roles and permissions.
  • Partner Resources: Learn how to grow your agency, build your network, and stay updated on Wix features from the Partner Resources tab in your Partner Dashboard.
  • CRM Tools: Grow and manage your business with tools that apply to your Wix account as a whole.
  • Client Billing: Send recurring invoices to clients to receive payments directly into your bank account.
  • Custom Branding: Create brand recognition by adding your own logo to site dashboards, free site banners, and more.
  • Revenue Share: Earn 50% revenue share on purchases of specific plans in 2023.
  • Priority Support: Get help when you need it with priority email and phone support.

Wix Creator

Your level is Creator once you earn 1000 points in the Partner Program.
A screenshot of Creator level in the Wix Partner Program.
As a Creator you unlock:
  • Partner Badge: Download your Partner badge to display it proudly on your website.

Wix Icon

Your level is Icon once you earn 2000 points in the Partner Program.
A screenshot of the Icon level in the Wix Partner program.
As an Icon you unlock the following benefits:
  • Wix Marketplace Eligibility: Grow your business and expand your client base by applying to join the Wix Marketplace. Apply to join the Wix Marketplace and showcase your work to get matched with potential clients. 
  • Access to Partner Success Team: Get hands-on guidance and support from the Partner Success Team.

Wix Legend

You've reached the top level, Legend, once you earn 5000 points in the Partner Program. 
A screenshot of reaching the top level, Legend in the Wix Partner program.
As a Legend you unlock:
  • Revenue Share: Earn up to 20% revenue share whenever a site you create is upgraded to a Yearly, 2 Year, or 3 Year Premium plan.