Wix Partner Benefits: CRM Tools

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Streamline your agency's workflow with CRM Tools in your Partner dashboard. Rather than connecting to individual sites, these tools apply to your Wix Partner account as a whole. 
CRM tools that are site-based (e.g. automations triggered by Wix Forms or Wix Bookings) are not available in these account-based. 

Get the following features with CRM Tools:

  • Contact: Manage all your contacts in one place.
  • Inbox: View and reply to all your emails and chat messages in your Wix Inbox.
  • Workflows: Manage your Workflows and simplify your sales leads processes.
  • Automations: Manage all your automated responses, tasks, and more in Wix Automations.
  • Tasks & Reminders: Manage all your tasks and due dates with Tasks & Reminders.
  • Email Marketing: Manage email campaigns that relate to your Partner account instead of specific sites.

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