Wix Partners: About Team Management

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Team Management makes it easy to collaborate on multiple sites. Add people to your Wix account and assign them different roles, permissions and access levels. 
As an account owner, you can choose which sites and site folders each of your teammates can access. When teammates log in to their team management accounts, they'll only see sites in which you've granted them access to.
You must become a Wix Partner to invite others to join your Team Management account.

Adding and Removing Teammates

You can add people to your team and remove them at any time. Once a teammate accepts your invitation, they create a personal user name and password which gives them access to all sites in your Wix account. 
When signing up for a new account, your teammates must use an email that isn't currently used to log in to a Wix account. Learn More
team management page,
You can resend an invite by clicking the Show More icon  next to a teammate and selecting Resend Invite

Managing Your Teammates' Roles

Your teammates have different permissions based on their roles. Assign teammates to the roles you want them to be able to perform on all sites in your account. 
Only account owners and account admin (co-owners) can edit your teammates' roles. 

Editing Your Team Profile

You can always edit your team's name and logo. Clients see your team's name and logo on their invoices, as well as emails they receive from your team. 

Your Site Collaborators

People you've invited to collaborate on specific sites in your account continue to keep their roles. Unlike teammates in Team Management, site collaborators can only access the sites you've invited them to work on. 

Teammates in your Team Management account can access all the sites in your account. 

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