Wix Partners: About Joining a Team

You can join a team account once the account owner sends you an invite. When joining a team, you create your own credentials for logging into the team account. You must sign up for a new Wix account using an email address that is not already used to log in to a Wix account. 
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How can I check if an email address is used to log in to a Wix account?

When accepting the invite to join a team, you'll sign up for a new Wix account. You'll be asked to use a different email in the following scenarios: 
  • If the email address is already used to log in to a Wix account.
  • If you're already logged in to a Wix account. 

What if I need to use this email for the team account?

When signing up for a team account, you must use an email address that is not used to log in to a Wix account. You can either change your Wix account's login email to use it for your team account or create a virtual mailbox. If you're signed in to an existing account, you'll see the following options when you accept an invite: 
  • Sign up and join using another email: This option is relevant if you want to sign up with an email address that is not used to log in to a Wix account. 

  • Replace the email associated with your existing account: You can change the login email of your Wix account to use the email to sign up for your team account. 

  • Create another account associated with your existing email: You can sign up to your team account with a virtual email address used for login purposes only. With this option, you sign up for a team account with "+team" added after the first part of your email address. You'll still receive emails sent to the account in your mailbox that doesn't have "+team" in it. 
Alternatively, you can close your existing Wix account to remove its email address from the system. If you have sites in the account you want to keep, you can transfer them to the team account or any other Wix account. 

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