Transferring a Premium Site to Another Wix Account

You can transfer ownership of a Premium site to another Wix account. When transferring, you can also transfer the site's domain and any associated Google Workspace business email. Choose to include these when prompted during the transfer process.
  • Premium plans which are paid for with recurring invoices cannot be transferred. To transfer the site, you need to cancel the recurring invoice.
  • It is not possible to transfer a site that has a partner package plan assigned to it. You must first unassign the plan before you can transfer the site.
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Transferring a Premium site to another Wix account

To carry out a Premium plan site transfer, you need the email address of the person to whom you want to transfer the site. They will need to accept ownership via this email, in order to complete the process.
Before you begin:
Once you transfer the site, the site ownership is transferred to the new owner, and all future subscription payments are managed by the new owner. You can choose to simply add someone as a collaborator instead of transferring ownership. Learn more in Roles and Permissions.

To transfer a Premium site:

  1. Go to your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Site Actions icon at the top of the Home page.
  3. Select Change Owner
Image showing Change Owner option in Site Actions.
  1. Fill out the Transfer Ownership form:
    1. Enter the email address associated with the new owner's Wix account. 
    2. Enable or disable the following transfer options:
      • Transfer Premium Plan: Transfer the Premium plan assigned to the site, along with the site, to the new owner's account.
      • Transfer Domain & Google Workspace business emails: Move the domain and its associated mailboxes, along with the site, to the new owner's account.
        Note: "and business email" appears only if you purchased a Google Workspace business email from Wix. 
      • Transfer Premium Apps: (If applicable) The site's Premium apps automatically transfer, along with the site, to the new owner's account.  
        This includes Business Phone Number plans. 
    3. Select or deselect the Keep my role as Website Manager of this site after the transfer checkbox:
      • Selected: You remain a collaborator on the site with limited access. The new site owner can revoke your access at any time.
      • Deselected: You are no longer able to edit or manage the site in any way.
    4. Select or deselect the Create a copy of this site and keep it in my account checkbox:
      • Selected: A copy of the site remains in your account after the transfer takes place.
      • Deselected: A copy of the site is not saved in your account. However, if you keep your role as Website Manager (see step c) you can still edit the site.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Review the transfer details and notes.
  4. Select the confirmation checkbox.
  5. Click Transfer Ownership.
  6. Click Got it.
Image of Transfer form with some options enabled.
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