Facebook Ads: An Overview

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Create a dynamic ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram with Facebook Ads with Wix. Connect your Facebook Business page to your Wix site and then build ad content, set a target audience and choose a budget all from your dashboard. You also get access to Wix's Smart Algorithm that continually optimizes and tests your campaign so you get the best possible results.
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Choose a Campaign Goal for Your Business

The first step to building a Facebook Ads campaign is to choose a goal that's most important for your business. Depending on the goal you choose you will see different statistics on your campaign dashboard. Wix's AI also takes different parameters into consideration when optimizing your campaign. Once you pick a goal and move on to campaign set up, you cannot change it. Learn more

Create and Manage Your Campaign

Before you create a campaign:
Make sure you've followed the campaign set up instructions before creating a campaign. These steps include connecting your Facebook Business page, giving Wix necessary permissions and linking a domain and a payment method. Learn more
Create a targeted ad campaign for your audience. Choose your ad content, write captions and headlines to get people's attention and choose who you want to see your ads based on specific parameters. When creating a campaign you also set a monthly budget that you can update at any time.
Learn more about creating a Facebook Ads campaign.

Analyze Performance on the Campaign Dashboard

The Facebook Ads dashboard is the hub of your campaign activity and brings all the data to your fingertips. Depending on the campaign goal you chose, your dashboard adapts to show you the most relevant statistics.
If you're running a campaign with an online store you can view how many purchases were attributed to your campaign and track revenue. If your goal was to bring more eyes to your business, see how many site views and clicks you're getting.
Learn more about the Facebook Ads dashboard.

Wix AI and Campaign Optimization

When you create a campaign you define the audience you want to target. Wix's Smart Algorithm (or Wix's AI) learns from your audience to create lookalike audiences that may also be successful. This includes people who have seen similar ads or have similar interests. Learn more
Once your campaign is running, Wix's AI tracks its performance and sees who is the most engaged. From the data it gathers, Wix's AI makes tweaks to your ads, tests similar versions and retargets to new audiences to make sure you're maximizing your budget.
Learn more about Wix's AI.

Using the Wix Owner app to Manage Your Campaign

Check your campaign results on-the-go using the Wix Owner app. View your dashboard, track incoming purchases and site views, and get a big picture idea of how things are working. Learn more

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