Facebook Ads: About Wix’s Smart Algorithm

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Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram every day, and 8 million businesses sell on those platforms, because they have a captive, engaged audience. But even with those opportunities comes the challenge of competing with bigger businesses with huge marketing budgets.
Because of the large competition, the vast majority of businesses running Facebook ads themselves will fail as optimizing the campaign requires a lot of knowledge and time. For each ad, you compete with everybody on Facebook & Instagram. You need to be an expert in online marketing to be successful. That's why Wix came up with a solution.

Wix's AI Solution – Your Own Marketing Genius

Running Facebook campaigns takes a lot of time and effort, and is very hard, so we decided to build an automatic one, using advance data science algorithms and a lot of data.

After almost a year of tests and experiments, learning from millions of Wix users, our unique AI model was built and is now ready to fully manage your campaign like a marketing genius.

The algorithm runs daily analyses of every change in campaign performance from Facebook and Instagram, combined with the data from your website. It uses this data to run unique decision-making models and trend analyses. These in turn create a variety of potential recommended actions and changes. The system then simulates and estimates the effectiveness of each action, and fine-tunes the campaign based on those results.

This simulation is used daily to make changes and improve the campaign. 

We manage all of the following for you:
  • Setting up the Business Manager and pixel
  • Choosing the best placement to convert audiences
  • Building initial target audiences 
  • A/B testing
  • Testing to create optimized variations of Lookalikes
  • Tracking engagement 
  • Retargeting
  • Monitoring ad performance daily and making improvements based on data
  • Analyzing results of views, visits and sales to calculate campaign efficiency
  • Continuous maximization of the ad spend to keep costs per sale low and returns high
  • Predicting how changes to the ad will affect the business
  • Tracking conversion paths over time per audience

How Does the Algorithm Optimize Your Campaign?

  • Audiences - The decision-making engine creates more variations of Lookalikes, engagement and remarketing audiences and measures their potential reach and performance, using data from the business’ Facebook Page, pixel and campaign stats. 
  • Targeting - It takes users’ predefined targeting, breaks it down to age, gender, locations, interests, and placements in Facebook and Instagram and for each, measures the effectiveness. It then decides when to broaden that audience (by finding more potential shoppers out of the initial range), when to break down the audience (by excluding low quality segments) and when to take no action. All new audiences and targeting updates go to Wix’s decision-making engine and the best are chosen, that is, those with the best potential for conversion. The engine also pauses low quality audiences, and moves the traffic and ad spend to better performing ones.
  • Ad Sets - It pauses ad sets with low signals by negative trends or low quality, low conversion rate or low engagement rank; and resumes ad sets with new potential signals, based on new engaging insights from the campaign or pixel.

In Short...

  • Built with millions of data samples
  • Available for all Wix users
  • Uses advanced Artificial intelligence (data science) 
  • Works with Facebook and Instagram
  • Fully automatic
  • Our model is the best in the world for automatic advertising

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