Facebook Ads: Understanding Your Ad Audience

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When you create a target audience for your Facebook Ads campaign you select from parameters such as gender, age range, geolocation and browsing app. Wix's Smart Algorithm (Wix AI) takes this data and creates similar, optimized audiences to help you reach more people.

How Wix's AI Optimizes Your Audience

Wix's AI runs daily analyses of changes in campaign performance and audience interaction. Based on data from your Facebook Business page, pixel and other stats, the decision-making engine creates variations of your target audience to help you get more eyes on your business. It measures the reach and potential effectiveness of each optimized audience before choosing who to put your content in front of.

Types of Audiences

There are three main types of audiences Wix's Smart Algorithm tests for your campaign. 

  1. Lookalike audiences: People who resemble your most successful leads or customers based on similar likes and patterns. Lookalike audiences include those similar to your Facebook page fans, people who viewed your business online, those who have purchased your products or booked a service, and your site contacts.
  2. Engagement audiences: People who have interacted with your content at some point before such as viewing an Instagram video, clicking a link on your Facebook page, filling out a form, booked a class, and more.
  3. Remarketing audiences: People who have made steps to purchase your products or book a service but have not completed the buyer cycle. For Wix Stores, this includes those who have selected 'Add to Cart' to a product but have not completed the purchase.
Your Facebook Ads dashboard includes data from the Wix AI optimized audiences as well as the audience you originally chose. For example, if you only specified 'male' as your gender target, you may still see some of your audience includes females if they were generated by a lookalike audience.

Benefits of Audience Optimization

Wix AI's audience optimization improves your Facebook Ads campaign and saves you the time and headache of manually testing and changing.

  1. It learns from the target audience you chose and tests new audiences to find you the best converting and most likely matches.
  2. It saves you time you'd have spent manually testing and tweaking by automatically improving based on what's working and what's not.
  3. It widens your net of potential traffic or customers to include high performing segments that you may not have thought about.
  4. It gains valuable data for you and measures audience interactions at every step of your campaign so you get the most precise numbers possible.
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