Site Members: Viewing Your Members

View and manage your site members directly from the dashboard. The members in your member list include anyone who joined your site's Member's Area, and includes the details they entered upon signup. When viewing your member list, you can make changes, such as editing your members' information, assign roles and give badges.
In this article, learn how to view:

Viewing your member list

You can access a list of all of your members from your site's dashboard. The list is divided into current members, members who are waiting to be approved, as well as members you've reported or blocked.  

To view your member list:

  1. Go to your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Contacts on the left.
  3. Click Site Members.
  4. Click a tab at the top to view members and their details:
    • Site Members: All current members of your Member's Area.
    • Pending: View any member requests if you have chosen to require approval for potential members. 
    • Reported: View any members who have been reported by other members. 
    • Blocked: View any members you've blocked from your Member's Area.
A screenshot of selecting Site Members in the left panel of the site dashboard.
The member list in your site's dashboard shows the total number of members on your site. This may differ from what you see in the Wix Owner app and member apps, where only members that joined your site on the member app are shown. 

Viewing a member's Contact Card

Just like in your Contact List, you can select a member on the Member List to see more details. The Contact Card that opens on the right includes information about them (e.g. contact info, member status, etc.) as well as any communication done through Wix Inbox

To view a member's Contact Card:

  1. Go to Site Members in your site's dashboard. 
  2. Click the relevant member to open up their Contact Card.
  3. (In the Contact Card on the right) View your member's information:
    • Overview: This tab shows your member's contact info, their member status and role, any labels or tasks assigned to them and more.
    • Inbox: This is where you can see any previous communication you've had with this member. You can also send them messages from here.    
A screenshot of selecting a site member to view their Contact Card.

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