Wix Inbox: An Overview

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Make the most of Wix Inbox by using it to view and respond to messages from many different channels like Wix Chat, Wix Forms and your social media pages. You can send saved replies, coupons, payment requests, and more. Share the responsibility of managing customer communications by giving team members permission to respond to messages too.
You must have a published site to use Wix Inbox.

When you access your inbox, you'll find messages from 2 demo contacts. Click these messages to learn more about how you can use Wix Inbox. You can delete these messages or contacts at any time.
A screenshot of Wix Inbox.
Ready to get started?
Go to Inbox in your site's dashboard.

Manage messages from all of your channels

Streamline the way you communicate with customers. Integrate Wix Inbox with different platforms to view and reply to all of your messages in one place. This includes channels like your Facebook page and Instagram page, as well as Wix Forms submissions and Wix Chat.

You can also connect your Gmail account to Wix Inbox. This means that any emails you send through your Wix account will come from your personal email address.

A screenshot of Facebook and Instagram messages in Wix Inbox.

Respond to common queries with ready-made replies

Some customer queries will reach your inbox again and again. What's your refund policy? What are your opening hours? Speed up your response time by creating "saved replies" to respond to these frequently asked questions. You could also save a generic "welcome" message so you can easily send it to new contacts.

Learn more about sending saved replies and attaching other items to your messages.
A screenshot of a saved reply in Wix Inbox.

Grow customer relationships through messages. Promote a new product or help customers make their minds up by sending direct links to products on your site. Seal the deal by instantly sending coupons to offer store discounts, free shipping and more.

A screenshot of the screen that allows you to pick a product link to share in a Wix Inbox message.

Share the responsibility of managing your inbox

Set up profiles for site collaborators so they can send personal replies to messages, and enable notifications so they are alerted to all incoming messages.

You can also assign contacts to your site collaborators. Messages from these contacts are automatically assigned to the collaborator you've selected, so they can personally manage the relationship. Filter your inbox by assignee to see each collaborator's messages.

A screenshot of the drop-down that allows you to view messages assigned to other people.

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