Wix Stores: Offering Discounts and Coupons

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Attract customers to your store, promote brand loyalty, and increase sales by offering price reductions. Wix Stores gives you 3 ways to reduce prices. Each one can be handy to use in different circumstances.
This article will explain what the 3 types of discounts are, when you should use them, and what happens when more than one discount applies to the same order. 

Sale prices

If you simply want to reduce the price of a product or products, without applying conditions or scheduling the reduction in advance, you can add a sale price.
When you do so, this is what your customers see:
GIF showing what customers see on your site when they shop for a product with an automatic discount
How do I get started?
To add a sale price to one product, select the product in the Store Products tab and enable the On sale toggle. 

If needed, you can apply a discount to multiple products at a time. Get detailed instructions on how to create sale prices

Automatic discounts

Automatic discounts is a powerful tool that helps you manage store promotions efficiently. Let's look at a few examples of how you can use them. 
  • You can schedule a 1-day sale that starts and ends at midnight without having to be by your computer at midnight to start and end it. 
  • You can create discounts that only take effect if a customer buys a set quantity of a particular item (buy 3 hats, get 30% off) or a set amount (buy $50 worth of hats and get $10 off). 
  • You can offer a discount or freebee on a different item when a customer meets requirements (buy a coat and get a free hat).
  • You can use automatic discounts to create wholesale prices (e.g. 40% off when you purchase more than 100 of the same product). 
When you add an automatic discount, your customers see the discount in the Mini-Cart, on the Cart Page, and on the Checkout Page. You can also optionally display the discounts on the Product Page and galleries (only the discount name appears in some cases). 
Screenshot of the summary section of the Checkout Page with the automatic discount outlined
How do I get started?
To create your first automatic discount, go to the Automatic Discounts tab in your site's dashboard. Get detailed instructions on how to create automatic discounts


Coupons are discounts that customers can use by applying the coupon code in the Cart Page or Checkout Page. 
GIF showing how a customer can add a coupon code in the Cart Page
They're a great way to offer discounts to a particular set of customers. For example, you can send coupon codes only to your site subscribers. Additionally, when you're chatting with site visitors, you can send a coupon code right there in the chat.
With Wix Stores, you can create 5 types of coupons:
  • $ Discount: Offer a fixed price discount, (e.g. $10 off) 
  • % Discount: Offer a discount as a percentage, (e.g. 20% off) 
  • Free Shipping: Reward customers with free shipping 
  • Sale Price: Offer products at a specific price (e.g. Buy t-shirts for only $12) 
  • Buy X Get Y Free: Offer free products when making a purchase (e.g. buy 4 cupcakes, get the 5th free) 
To create your first coupon, go to Coupons in your site's dashboard.
You can use the free Bulk Coupon Creator app to generate bulk codes.
What's next?
Check out the full course in Wix Learn on driving traffic to your store or skip to the video on creating and sending coupons.


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