Using the Wix Email Marketing Campaign Editor

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Learn how to use your email campaign editor to create the most engaging newsletters. Select elements in your campaign to edit them. From the side bar on the left, you can add elements, choose a theme, change the backgrounds and more. 

Adding and editing elements in your campaign

Select the existing elements of your email campaign on the right of your campaign editor to customize them. Then edit the elements on the left where you can also add several types of new elements to your campaign. 

To add or edit elements:

  1. Select the element you want to edit or click Add and choose an element.
  1. Customize the element to your liking. Click below to learn how to customize each element:

Moving, cropping, duplicating and deleting elements

After selecting an element on your email campaign, use the toolbar on the right to manage the element. You can reorder, duplicate and delete most types of elements. You can also crop images so they fit your email campaign perfectly. 

Customizing the theme, backgrounds, and text direction

Change the template's color and text theme, customize the inner and outer backgrounds, or switch to a right to left text direction. 

Click an option below to learn more:

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