Wix Forms: Adding and Setting Up a Standalone Form

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Create a form directly from your site's dashboard and share it to anyone online using a unique share URL. Standalone forms are great for customer feedback on your products or services, collecting necessary health information with a waiver, or polling your community. All standalone form data is saved in a submissions table in the dashboard.
Before you begin:

Step 1 | Create a form and choose a template

When you add a new form, you have the option of a site or standalone form. Standalone forms come with different templates or you can create your own.

To create a form:

  1. Go to Forms in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click +New Form at the top right.
  3. Click Standalone Form.
  4. Pick a template for your standalone form. Templates have pre-existing fields that you can customize. Choose a contact, feedback, application or info form. You can also click Start From Scratch to start from a blank form.
  5. Click Get Started to start customizing your standalone form.

Step 2 | Add a form title and description

Give your form a title and description to give people more information of what they're filling out and what happens once a form is submitted.

To add a form title and description:

  1. Add the title of your form under Form Title. This is mandatory and appears at the top of the form for visitors to see. 
  2. Add a description under Form Description that tells visitors what the form is about. You can also include any tips for filling out the form (e.g. average time to complete). If you don't want to add a form description, click Remove.

Step 3 | Add form fields and manage your form

Choose from contact fields or basic fields. Contact fields include info like name and email. If a visitor fills out a contact field, the data is automatically saved in your contacts. Basic fields include all the common types of fields such as text fields, number fields, date fields, and selection fields. Learn more about the different field types.

To add form fields and manage your form:

  1. Hover over a field under Add Form Fields and click Add.
  1. The new field appears in the form builder. Most fields are added to the form in a 'Question' and 'Placeholder' format.
    • Question: Add the exact question that should appear on the form for visitors to see. For example, if you've added a phone number field, you can write "What is your phone number?" 
    • Placeholder: This is the placeholder text inside the answer field in the form. Once a visitor adds an answer the placeholder text disappears.
  1. When you've finished filling out the new field, click + Add Field at the bottom of the form to add another field.
    Note: Different fields have different information. For example, a paragraph field allows you to set a character limit for responses.
  2. (Optional) Click Header or Paragraph under Other elements if you want to add a section of explainer text above or below a field. For example, add your terms and conditions as description text next to a Signature or Upload file field. With the Paragraph element you can also stylize the text.
  3. Once you're done adding form fields, manage your form by making questions required, duplicating or deleting questions, and rearranging them on the form.

Step 4 | Add submission text and save your form

At the end of your form is a submit button that visitors click to send their finished form to you. You can edit the button text and personalize the thank you message that follows.

To add submission text and save:

  1. Edit the text that appears inside the form's submit button under Submit Button Text. There is a 22 character limit since the buttons are small.
  1. Edit the thank you text that appears after visitors submit the form e.g. 'Thanks for submitting!' The message is shown on a new page.
  2. Click Save at the top right to save your new form.

Step 5 | View your live form and share it

Once your form is finished, view it live to see how it looks for visitors. Then copy the unique URL to share it and begin receiving responses.

To view and share your form:

  1. Click the View Live Form icon  at the top right of the form builder to see how your new form looks live. You can also view the live form at any time from the Forms dashboard.
  2. Click Share at the top right of the form builder to copy the unique share link. Learn more about sharing a standalone form URL.
If you're sending an email marketing campaign to subscribers, you can link a standalone form to the call-to-action button to encourage recipients to fill out a form. All responses are recorded in the form submissions table.

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