Requiring Consent for your Subscribe Form

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When customizing your subscribe form, add a consent checkbox to the form so recipients must give their express permission to receive further communication from you. They won't be able to submit the form until they've selected the checkbox.
You can also add a link to your privacy policy document.
Requiring consent is recommended as it is best practice and, in some countries, mandatory according to local data privacy regulations.

To require consent for your subscribe form:

  1. Click the Require Consent toggle to enable it:
    • Enabled: Visitors must select the checkbox before they can subscribe to your form.
    • Disabled: Visitors can submit a form without a required consent checkbox.
  2. Enter the text that appears next to the checkbox (e.g. 'I agree to this privacy policy').
  3. (Optional) Select the Add Privacy Policy Link checkbox to include a link to your privacy policy and insert the link text and URL.
  4. Click Apply.

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