Wix Music: Adding and Setting up Wix Music

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Wix Music is not yet available in the Studio Editor. If this is something you'd like to see in the future, vote for that feature.
Wix Music lets you share and spread your music online, completely free of charge. Add the Wix Music player to your site and choose which track, playlist or album it displays. You can also control whether visitors can share or download your music.
A screenshot of a Wix Music player on a live site.

Step 1 | Add Wix Music to your site

First, add the Wix Music player to your site. You can choose the design that best suits your site's style - compact or classic.

To add Wix Music:

  1. Go to your editor.
  2. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the editor.
  3. Click Video and Audio.
  4. Click Wix Music.
  5. Drag a Wix Music player onto your page.
A screenshot of the player's available to add to your site in the Editor.

Step 2 | Choose music for your player

After adding the Wix Music player to your site, it's time to choose which music you want to display. You can choose from music you've already uploaded to your Music Library or add new music. Then choose whether to display an album, single, or playlist.

To choose music for your player:

  1. Click the Wix Music player in your Editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the My Music tab.
  4. Choose what music to add to the player:
    • Existing music: Choose from music you've already uploaded to your Music Library.
    • New music: Click + New Music to upload a single, album or playlist.
A screenshot of the My Music tab in the Editor.

Step 3 | Set up your player

Lastly, set up your player to work just how want. Adjust your player's settings to allow your visitors to share your music and enable autoplay. Learn more about setting up your Wix Music player.
A screenshot of the Settings options available in the Wix Music player.
What's next?
Learn how to customize the design and layout of your player, so that it complements the rest of your site's design.


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