TAX / VAT Charges for Wix Premium Subscriptions

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Our listed plan prices do not include the relevant tax charge. Depending on your country's tax rules, you may be subject to a tax charge when purchasing a premium subscription.
Wix is obliged to adhere to the local fiscal laws and, therefore, charges individuals different tax rates in different territories around the world. When purchasing a plan, some territories require us to charge tax, whereas others do not. If this is the case, you see the tax charge added to your total before checking out. 

You can check your invoice to see if you were charged tax. If you don't see tax on your invoice, it means that you were not charged for it. 
If your business is located in a country from which we are required to collect tax, and it is not possible to enter a VAT ID to receive an exemption, you will need to request a tax refund from your local tax authority.
  • For site owners: Tax rates are charged according to the billing address added when making a purchase. These rates might vary. Please ensure your billing information is correct. If it's not, see our article on how to manage your payment methods for Wix services.
  • For site collaborators: In countries where tax exemption is possible, the exemption is based on the tax status of the site owner.

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