VAT When Paying for Wix Services in Europe

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Wix collects Value Added Tax (VAT) for services purchased by our customers in the European Union (EU). This is a legal requirement, according to EU VAT directives (Articles 358a to 369 Directive 2006/112/EC),
The rate of the VAT is set according to the billing address you enter when purchasing a Wix product or service.
In this article, learn how to:
Wix's VAT ID:
Wix is registered in the EU and has an EU VAT ID - EU442008451. This appears on your invoice if you are a European user. The 'EU' indicates that Wix is a Non-European company that is registered in the EU community, in order to collect and report EU VAT. 

Adding your EU VAT ID

If you are a business in the EU and you have a registered, valid EU VAT ID, you can enter it on the purchase page and you will not be charged VAT.
If you are a business and you leave the VAT ID field blank, we may be obligated to collect VAT from you for this purchase.
If you are an individual, leave the VAT field blank. You do not need to enter a VAT ID to complete the purchase.

To add your EU VAT ID:

  1. Select your purchase from Wix and proceed to the Checkout.
  2. Enter your other payment and billing details.
  3. Enter your VAT ID in the VAT ID field.
    Tip: You can verify your VAT ID using the European Commission's VIES VAT validation tool. 
  1. Click Submit Purchase.

Resolving an 'Invalid VAT ID' error message

If you are currently located in Europe and receive an error message stating that your VAT ID is invalid, you can check that your VAT ID is valid on the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) of the European Commission.
If your VAT ID is not valid, leave the VAT field blank, or contact the taxation department in your country of residence to find out why it is invalid.

To resolve an 'Invalid VAT ID' error message:

  1. If your business is registered in the EU, check that your VAT ID is valid on the VIES system
    Note: If you have confirmed that your VAT ID is valid and you still receive the 'invalid VAT ID' message, the VIES system is likely temporarily unavailable.
  2. (If valid) Wait a while and try making the payment again. We also recommend clearing your browser's cookies and cache before retrying.
Still getting the invalid VAT ID error message?
If, after trying the steps above, you are still unable to complete your purchase, contact Wix customer care so we can look into the issue.

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