Updating Your Invoices for Wix Services

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Update invoice details for your Wix subscriptions in the Billing History section of your dashboard. You can apply the changes to current and future invoices for Wix services.
For legal reasons, some field changes are subject to limitations relative to your invoice dates:
  • Future Invoices: Changes can be applied to all fields for your future invoices
  • Current Invoices: Depending on local tax laws, the following limitations apply:
    • All countries: Country cannot be changed
    • European Union: VAT ID and Country cannot be changed
    • United States: Postal Code, State and Country cannot be changed
    • Singapore: GST and Country cannot be changed

To update your invoice details:

  1. Go to Billing History in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the Premium subscription where you want to update the invoice details.
  3. Click Update invoice details.
Billing History page,
  1. Update the relevant details and click Save.
Need to update a past invoice?
If you need to change the details of a past invoice, contact Customer Care
By updating your invoice details, you automatically update the details of your original payment method in your Wix account. This update applies to any Wix subscriptions using the same payment method. Learn more about managing your payment methods for Wix services

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