Wix Bookings: Creating and Managing Classes

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Classes are recurring services that clients can book without committing to attend every session. The service can be a weekly Zumba class, for example, or a daily beginner yoga class.
Start by creating the class and then schedule it as often as you like. You decide when and how often you offer a class, and how long the class lasts.
Wix Bookings offers three different types of services - classes, courses and appointments. Make sure you choose the right type of service for your business.

Check out the full course in Wix Learn about adding classes and courses to your site to build your business. 

Step 1 | Create a class

Start by creating the class and adding the necessary information. Make sure to include images showcasing what clients can expect when they come to class. Add any equipment clients need to bring with them in the class description. 

To create a class:

  1. Go to Booking Services in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Add a New Service in the top right.
  3. Choose what you want to do: 
    • Click Edit to choose the relevant Class template based on your business type.
    • Click + Start from Scratch to use a blank template. 
  4. Enter the basic service information under Service Details
    1. Enter the Name of the class.
    2. Click Add Image to showcase what clients can expect.
    3. Enter a Tagline to provide more detail about the class (this appears in your service list and service page).
    4. Add a description to enter more information about how your class works or equipment required (appears on your service page).
    5. Set the maximum number of participants for each class.
    6. Scroll down to Locations and select an option from the drop-down to set where the class takes place:
      • Business Address: Select one or more of the addresses you entered in the Business Info tab.
      • Custom Location: Enter a location (e.g. In the park). The location appears on your site.
        Tip: You can add custom locations for classes that don't take place at your business address.
    7. (Optional) Enable the Video Conferencing toggle to offer an online class via Zoom.
      Note: If this is your first online service, complete and save the service. Then, go back to make it an online service.
Before saving your class, check its preview under Overview to make sure the details are correct. This is what your clients see before they book.

Step 2 | Set the price and payment options for your class

Once you add the basic information about the class, you can then choose from several pricing and payment options. Offering more options can help boost your sales.

To set the price and payment options for your class:

  1. Scroll down to the Price & Payment section. 
  2. Select the relevant option under Choose how clients can pay for this service:
    • Per session: Clients pay for sessions based on the price you set.
    • With a plan: Clients pay using one of your memberships or packages. 
    • Per session or with a plan: Clients pay either per session or with a membership or package. 
  3. Depending on the payment method you chose, follow the steps to set it up:

Step 3 | Set your class times

Now you can set the class times and add specific details for different days of the week. Add the instructor, individual class durations depending on the day of the week, and the start and end dates for the class term. 

To set your class times:

  1. Click Add Sessions under Schedule
  2. Select where the class takes place from the Location drop-down.
    Note: This is useful if you run the class in different places during the week.
  3. Select the relevant staff member from the Staff drop-down.
  4. Choose when the first session begins from the Start Time fields.
  5. Select the class length from the Duration drop-down.
  6. Select how frequently you offer the class from the Repeat drop-down.
    Tip: To create a session that doesn't repeat, schedule a class through your Booking Calendar.
  7. (Optional) Click Set an end date to choose a date when these sessions are no longer available.
  8. Click to choose a saving option:
    • Save & Add New: Save and schedule the same class at a different time, day, location or with a different staff member.  
    • Save: Save the schedule and return to editing the class. Then click Save when you're done editing the class details. 
  • The available classes that appear in your Booking Calendar are affected by: 
  • The available classes aren't affected by:
    • Time blocked manually in your Bookings Calendar.
    • Other Classes, Courses, or Appointments set for the same time.
    • Events synced from your or your staff members' Google calendar. 

Step 4 | Add images to your class

Add a cover image and an image gallery to show clients what your class is all about. The cover image appears at the top of the service page, and the gallery appears next to the information about your course.  

To add images to your class:

  1. Click the Expand icon undefined next to Images
  2. Add images to your class:
    • Cover image: 
      1. Click Add cover image.
      2. (In the Media Manager) Select the relevant image. 
    • Service gallery: 
      1. Click the Add icon  under Service gallery
      2. (In the Media Manager) Select up to 10 images to showcase your service. 

Step 5 | Customize your class with additional settings

Customize your new class in the additional settings section. Make the class view-only to generate interest in upcoming services. Offer flexible payment options to suit your clients' needs. 
Add group booking options for your new classes. Create a custom booking form for the class if you need more information from clients before they attend.

To customize your class with additional settings:

  1. Click the Expand icon undefined next to Additional Settings.
  2. Enable the Online Booking Preferences toggle to adjust the additional settings. 
  3. Customize any of the following settings:
    • Allow clients to book online: Disable this toggle to make the class view-only.
    • Group Booking Preferences: Enter the number of bookings allowed per participant.
    • Custom Booking Form: Select the checkbox to create your own form for booking this class. 
  4. Click Save.


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