Online Programs: Creating a Coupon

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Coupons are a great way to give people an incentive to join your program. You can offer special discounts for people to redeem when they join a paid program. You can also choose whether a coupon applies for all your programs or specific ones, such as seasonal programs.
A screenshot of the applying a coupon code.
Before you begin:

To create a coupon:

  1. Go to Coupons in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click New Coupon
    Note: If the link in step 1 does not work, go to Online Programs, click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant program and click Create Coupon
  3. Select the type of coupon you want to offer:
    • $ Discount: Offer a fixed monetary discount amount.
    • % Discount: Offer a percentage discount.
  4. Enter the Coupon code participants need to use the coupon. 
  5. Enter the Coupon name for your own records. 
  6. Enter the Discount you want to offer.
  7. Select the relevant programs from the Apply to drop-down:
    • All Programs: Participants can use the discount for all programs.
    • Specific Program: The discount is available for the programs you choose. Select the relevant program from the Program drop-down.
  8. Select the dates the coupon is valid between. 
  9. (Optional) Select the Limit uses checkbox(s) to:
    •  Limit the total number of uses for this coupon: Set the number of times the coupon can be used.
    •  Limit to one use per customer: The same participant can't use the coupon more than once.
  10. Click Create Coupon
What's next?
Share new coupons with participants to encourage them to join your program by:

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