Managing Multiple Sites Under One Account

With Wix, you're not just limited to creating a single site. You can create as many as you need to manage multiple businesses, separate your personal site or blog, or experiment with different designs.
If you reach the limit of free sites you can have within your account, you can move old sites to trash or upgrade your sites to Premium
Premium plans are valid for a single site only. To make use of Premium features on a second site, you'll need to purchase a second Premium plan.
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Creating a new site in your account

Create a new site to try out different templates and features. Once you're done designing, you can decide which site to upgrade, or upgrade multiple sites.
Click to create a new site.
Create a site now
Takes a few minutes
Alternatively, you can create a copy of an existing site in your account. This allows you to have a backup where you can experiment with different designs without affecting your original site.

To make a copy of your site:

  1. Go to the dashboard of the site you want to copy.
  2. Click Site Actions.
  3. Click Duplicate Site
Screenshot of the Wix site dashboard. Site Actions is open, and the cursor is hovered over Duplicate Site

Switching between sites in your account

Each site in your account has its own dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your site and business, and access the Editor of that site. 

You can switch between your sites from the dashboard.
Click to switch to a different site.
Switch sites now
Takes 1 minute

To switch between sites in your account:

  1. Click the Site drop-down at the top left of your dashboard and select another site. 
  1. (Optional) Click Edit Site to access the site's Editor.

Viewing and managing your sites

When signing in to your Wix account, if you have more than one site, you're taken to the My Sites page. Here you can view all your sites, organize them in folders, perform site actions, and more.
Click to go to My Sites.
Manage your sites
Takes 2 minutes
Choose between a grid or list view, then search or scroll to view your sites. At a glance, you can view each site's name and URL, whether it's Premium, and if it has contributors. 

To view and manage your sites:

  1. Go to My Sites.
  2. Browse or search for the site you want to view or manage.
  3. Hover over the relevant site and choose what you want to do:
    • Select Site: Access the site's dashboard.
    • Edit: Access the site's Editor.
    • Site Actions: Select a quick action (e.g., renaming a site, duplicating a site or moving the site to a folder).
Managing multiple sites?
Organize your sites into folders to make them easier to find and manage.

Freelancers and designers

If you are an agency or freelancer that designs sites for clients you can join the Wix Partner program where you'll have access to exclusive features and benefits.


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