Transferring Your Wix Domain to a Different Wix Account

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You can transfer a domain purchased from Wix to another Wix account as needed. See the instructions and notes below to learn more.
Before you begin:

To transfer a domain purchased from Wix to a different Wix account:

  1. Go to Domains in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant domain.
  3. Click Transfer to a Different Wix Account.
A screenshot of the Wix site dashboard with Transfer to a different Wix account option highlighted
  1. Enter the email address and password of the Wix account where you're transferring the domain. 
  2. Click Transfer Domain
Make sure to extend the domain's registration in the new Wix account to prevent it from expiring and update the domain registrant information when necessary.
Purchased a domain outside of Wix?
You can transfer domains that were not purchased from Wix between your Wix accounts. 

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