Wix Multilingual: An Overview

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Wix Multilingual enables you to make your site accessible in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience. You can easily translate your site content, including images and most Wix app content, into your users' preferred languages. The platform supports over 180 languages and provides the functionality to auto-translate your site. Additionally, you have the capability to customize your URL and SEO settings for different languages, enhancing the overall flexibility and reach of your website.
A screenshot of a wix site with the language selector open

How Does it Work?

After completing building your site in the language convenient to you, add Wix Multilingual. During the setup of the app, you'll select your main and secondary languages. The management of these secondary languages is flexible and can be adjusted at any time.

You have the option to handle translations manually or automatically, providing you with control over how the content is adapted for different language versions of your site. This allows for efficient and customizable language management as your site evolves.

Translate your site's content

Access the translation panel using the newly added languages dropdown at the top of your editor. Translate your site's content automatically or manually for a tailored multilingual experience. Translate both your site and apps content in one place on your site's dashboard - The Translation Manager. Add and translate as many languages as you want as your customer base and business grow. You can also choose what languages to show or hide, and delete any languages that you no longer wish to display.

How your visitors see your live site

As visitors switch languages, seamlessly transition to the content tailored for that language, featuring translated text and images for an engaging and cohesive multilingual experience. You can customize your site's language selection menu, presenting all published languages to your visitors. Personalize the design, layout, and even add animated elements to draw attention. 

Optimize SEO for your language versions

Wix Multilingual lets you optimize your SEO settings for each language individually. This means you can tailor your strategy for different locales and strengthen your online presence.
You also have the option to change your URL structure to improve your search ranking. There are three options available; subdirectories, subdomains, and language parameters. Learn more about the benefits and risks of changing your URL structure

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