Moving a Site to Trash

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You can delete sites that you're not using from your My Sites page by adding them to the Trash folder. Once you move a site to trash, it becomes unpublished and you can no longer edit it. If you decide you need it again in the future, you can restore it within 90s days before it deletes permanently. 
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Moving a site to trash

You can move a site to trash directly from your site's dashboard.

To move a site to trash:

  1. Go to your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Site Actions.
  3. Click Move to Trash.
A site dashboard. The site actions dropdown is highlighted, and the cursor is hovering over the option to move site to trash.
  1. Click Move to Trash to confirm.

Moving multiple sites to trash

You can clean up your My Sites page by moving multiple sites to the Trash folder at once. 

To move multiple sites to trash:

  1. Go to My Sites.
  2. Click the List  icon.
Screenshot of the Wix My Sites page. The list icon is highlighted.
  1. Select the checkboxes next to the sites you want to move to trash.
  2. Click Move to Trash.
Screenshot of the Wix My Sites page. The checkboxes next to sites have been selected, and Move to Trash is highlighted.

Restoring a site from trash

You can restore a site from the trash folder if you deleted it accidentally, or you decide you want to use it again. You have 90 days to restore a site from trash before it is permanently deleted. 
Restoring a site from trash does not automatically publish it. Make sure to open your site's Editor and publish it to make it live again.

To restore a site from trash:

  1. Go to My Sites.
  2. Click the Grid View icon  at the top right. 
A screenshot showing the Grid View option and the Trash folder.
  1. Click the Trash folder.
  2. Hover over the relevant site and click Restore Site.
  3. Click Restore to confirm.


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