Wix Domains: Canceling your Domain

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If you no longer need your domain, you can always cancel it from your Wix account. This doesn't cancel the domain on the spot, but it ensures the subscription doesn't automatically renew at the end of the selected period. 
Did you know?
To ensure your site remains live at all times, domains purchased from Wix are set to automatically renew 30 days before the end of their subscription period. Learn more about checking your domain's renewal date.

To cancel your Wix domain:

  1. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the plan you want to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel Domain.
  4. Select Cancel auto renew and click Submit.
Image of 'cancel domain' popup
  • Wix domain purchases are non-refundable and do not include a 14 day trial period.
  • Your Premium plan and domain are separate services. If you want to cancel your Premium plan, you need to cancel it separately.

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