Upgrading Your Wix Site

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Wix gives you the tools and features you need to create a free website: a drag & drop website builder, unlimited pages, lots of storage, a mobile site, and free web hosting
With a site plan, you can upgrade your site at any time to get even more benefits and features. Wix offers plans to suit commercial, professional and individual brands.
To see which plan is right for you, learn more about choosing a Premium plan for sites built on the Wix Editor, or choosing a Studio plan for sites built with Wix Studio.
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In this article, learn more about:

Upgraded site features

With a site upgrade, you can do much more with your Wix site. By upgrading with a plan you can connect a custom domain and remove Wix ads from your site, get more storage for your media, accept online payments, and access a suite of marketing solutions.
Here’s an at-a-glance view of the main differences between free and upgraded sites:  
Assigned URL: accountname.wixsite.com/siteaddress
Connect a custom domain
Wix ads
Wix ads appear on every page & favicon in URL
Remove Wix ads 
Up to 500MB 
From 2GB and up available
Up to 1GB
Online payments
Not included
Included with most site upgrades. View which plans accept payments on the Upgrade page.
Customer care
24/7 customer care, with priority support for some plans.
Google Analytics
Not included
For a complete breakdown of each plan, go to the Upgrade page to view upgrade options for your site. 

Upgrading your site

Upgrade your site at any time to access premium features and benefits.

To upgrade your site:

  1. Go to the Upgrade page.
  2. Click Select under the plan you wish to purchase.
  3. Select a billing cycle and click Continue to Checkout.
A screenshot showing the billing cycle option on the upgrade page.
  1. Enter your payment details and click Submit Purchase.
After submitting your purchase, your bank may require you to verify your identity. If you're experiencing any issues with the authentication process, contact your bank directly.


Click below to learn more about upgrading your Wix site. 

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