Wix Pro Gallery: An Overview

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With the Wix Pro Gallery you can display videos, images and text all in one beautiful multimedia gallery. Your gallery is responsive, meaning no matter what device your visitors use, your gallery adjusts automatically to their screens.
It's perfect for photographers and creatives alike, with built-in image protection to keep your content safe. You can even upload content on the go directly from the Wix Owner app.
The gallery is fully customizable, allowing you to perfect your gallery's layout and design for desktop and mobile users. You also have access to general and advanced settings. These allow you to engage your visitors with social share options, increase site traffic with SEO settings, and connect your gallery to a dataset.
Screenshot showing a Pro Gallery on a live site.
Ready to get started?

After you've added the Wix Pro Gallery to your site, you can start customizing your gallery's layout and design for visitors viewing your site on a desktop device. Choose from a variety of fully customizable and predesigned layouts, and personalize your gallery's design to match your brand.
Screenshot showing showing the settings panel with the Layout and Design tabs highlighted next to a Pro Gallery in the Editor

Optimize your Pro Gallery for visitors viewing your site on mobile. The layout of your Pro Gallery is responsive, and automatically adjusts to fit your visitor's mobile device. You can customize the layout and design, so that it looks just the way you want it to on mobile.
Screenshot of a live Pro Gallery on a mobile device.

Let visitors take a closer look at images

Set your images to open in a pop-up window (Expand Mode) when clicked. You can also customize the look and behavior of this pop-up. Choose what information is shown, allow visitors to zoom in on details with a magnifying glass, adjust the background and icon colors, and more.
Screenshot showing what the Expand Mode of an item looks like.

Using the Wix Owner app, you can manage all your Pro Galleries on the go. Quickly and easily add and remove media from your gallery, reorder and rename media, share your gallery with others via social networks, and much more.
Screenshot showing the Gallery section in the Wix Owner app.

Increase visitor engagement through social sharing

Generate traffic back to your site and increase engagement by allowing visitors to like and share their favorite gallery items to their social networks. Your visitors can share their favorites via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and email.
Screenshot showing the social share popup.

Boost your gallery's reach with SEO

Working with your site's SEO Settings for your Pro Gallery can help it rank higher in search engine results and drive traffic to your site. Adding alt text to your gallery items also helps search engines understand and rank your gallery and its content.
Screenshot showing the SEO settings for the Wix Pro Gallery in the dashboard.

Create and store your media in a collection with the CMS (Content Management System) to help you manage the content you display on your Pro Gallery. Then, connect your collection to your Pro Gallery and display multiple items from your collection at once. 

Screenshot showing dataset connect to a Pro Gallery in the Editor.

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