Wix Pro Gallery: Adding and Setting Up Your Gallery

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The Wix Pro Gallery allows you to showcase your images, videos and text all in one multimedia gallery. Choose from multiple layouts, customize your gallery's design, settings, advanced settings, and much more.
Screenshot showing how a live Pro Gallery can look.

The first step is to add a Pro Gallery to your site. After you've added your Pro Gallery you can then look at adding media and customizing the settings. 
Wix Editor
Editor X
Wix Studio
  1. Click Add  on the left side of your editor.
  2. Click Gallery.
  3. Select a gallery from the Pro Galleries section and drag it to the relevant place on your site.

Next, add some media to your Pro Gallery. This can include images, videos and text. You can choose to upload your own media or upload content from the Wix Libraries. 
Screenshot showing the Organize your Media window with the Add Media button.
To delete the default media that come with the gallery, hover over the item you want to delete and click the Delete icon .

Once you've added some media to your gallery, you can then focus on customizing the layout. There is a wide variety of layout options to choose from:
  • Preset: These ready-made gallery templates allow you to speed up the process of showcasing your images on your site. Preset templates include built-in layout, design and settings.
    Note: Presets are not currently available in Editor X.
  • Customize: These gallery layouts allow you to design and customize your Pro Gallery from scratch.
Screenshot showing the Layout tab with the Custom and Preset tabs highlighted.

You can control the general settings of your Pro Gallery to ensure it is set up in a way that's right for you. Choose what happens when visitors click an item, allow them to share their favorite content on social media, and more.
Screenshot showing Settings tab and options of the Pro Gallery.

Make your gallery completely your own by customizing the wide range of options available. You can add and adjust overlay and icons, scroll animations, text, item style, buttons, and expand mode. 
Available design options depend on the layout and settings you've previously chosen. For example, in order to customize text, you need to have enabled the title and or description checkbox in the Text tab of the Design panel. 
Screenshot showing Design tab and options of the Pro Gallery.

Step 6 | Customize your gallery's advanced settings

The settings available in the Advanced Settings tab allow you to take your Pro Galley to the next level. Here you can focus on setting the quality of your videos and images, gallery direction and connecting Lightroom Classic to your gallery.
Screenshot showing Advanced tab and options of the Pro Gallery.


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