Wix Portfolio: An Overview

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With Wix Portfolio, you can display your work, no matter what your craft or profession. Allow visitors to your site to view your photographs, your designs, films, or your fine art. If you're a student, you can even use Wix Portfolio to display school or college projects. 
Your portfolio pages consist of:
  • Portfolio: The main page where your collections are displayed. Think of it like the homepage of your portfolio. 
  • Collection pages: The pages that display all the projects in a portfolio collection. 
  • Project pages: The pages that display each project's information and media. 
A screenshot showing the 3 types of portfolio pages as they appear in the Editor.
Ready to get started?

Choose your portfolio's layout to suit you

Browse through designer-made layouts to choose the project page that showcases your work in the style that suits you most. Once you've found a preset you like, choose from various customization options to edit the structure, design, fonts, and more. 
A screenshot showing the some of the design customization options on a Collection page.

Keep your portfolio organized with collections

Organize your portfolio by grouping your projects into collections so visitors can easily navigate your work. You can manage all your projects and collections from whichever place you prefer, your site dashboard, or within the Editor. 
A screenshot showing portfolio collections in the site's dashboard.

Share your portfolio

Share your work with your current and prospective clients, employers, or those who would like to get an impressive showcase of what you can do. They can view your photos, artwork, films etc. by project or grouped by collections. 
A screenshot showing the 'View Site' option that appears when you publish your site.

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